BirthdayBUNCOBrunch (One word) Invitations

I love having a January birthday. Just as my Christmas decoration withdrawls set in, I remember “Oh yeah! Another holiday!”

Well.. sort of another holiday. Do birthday’s after you are 21 count? Probably not. But, if it creates an excuse to craft and throw a party, I’m in.

Two of my very dear friends have birthdays within a week of mine (aren’t january babies just the best?!) and we like to celebrate together. Stephanie and I have co-celebrated our birthdays for almost 20 years, and I love that we continue the tradition.

This year we are going to host a BirthdayBUNCOBrunch (oneword).
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-Printed watercolor stripe background
-printed invitation
-spool of raffia
-hole punch
-Stampin’up! stampin’ dimensionals

Simply add the Stampin’up! stampin’ dimensionals to the back of the inviation and layer onto the watercolor background. Punch two holes into the top of the watercolor background and tie the raffia into a bow. You may need to trim the ends.

Finished Product:


Gold Dipped Barstools

We have been in some serious need of barstools for the kitchen/dining room ever since we moved in. While the main living are is quite open, the kitchen is very narrow and is not made to hold multiple people. Things can get a tight quickly when we have people over, especially when cooking.

That’s right. STAY PUT. We can still chat, but oh for the love of God please don’t come over the counter threshold. That is, unless you want me to throw spaghetti sauce all over you by accident when we bump into each other.

Last Saturday I made the weekly trek to Target and Michaels. While there I and picked out some simple $15 wooden barstools and Artist Loft Craft paint in Turquoise and Metallic Bronze .

After some serious sanding to remove the clear varnish, a couple layers of acrylic paint, and a final clear topcoat, VOILA! Gold dipped barstools. The perfect place for my guests to plop down while I am in the kitchen. Or, as a new place to hide dog toys. Thanks Reagan.
Thank you to for the inspiration.

Balcones in the Winter

It is definitely starting to look like winter in Austin.

Our house overlooks the Bull Creek Preserve, and I love watching the seasons change from our backyard. As most people from Central Texas can tell you, we usually only have three seasons: hot, hotter, and a kind-of cold. The whimpy it’s 30* outside and I bundle up like an Eskimo kind-of-cold. Luckily we get a little more variety in our neck of the woods (pun intended).

Today i was brave enough to snap a photo of the backyard when I let the dogs outside this morning.
IMG_2841 (2)

Well, brave for about 10 seconds and then ran lickety-split back inside.

I still had chills by just looking outside my living room windows.
Winter LivingRoom

BRRRRR. At least I have two shepherds to cozy up to.
photo 2 (3)