Balcones in the Winter

It is definitely starting to look like winter in Austin.

Our house overlooks the Bull Creek Preserve, and I love watching the seasons change from our backyard. As most people from Central Texas can tell you, we usually only have three seasons: hot, hotter, and a kind-of cold. The whimpy it’s 30* outside and I bundle up like an Eskimo kind-of-cold. Luckily we get a little more variety in our neck of the woods (pun intended).

Today i was brave enough to snap a photo of the backyard when I let the dogs outside this morning.
IMG_2841 (2)

Well, brave for about 10 seconds and then ran lickety-split back inside.

I still had chills by just looking outside my living room windows.
Winter LivingRoom

BRRRRR. At least I have two shepherds to cozy up to.
photo 2 (3)


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